We have heard about chiropractic techniques being very efficient in solving problems with posture, balance, and gait. Chiropractors use specialized techniques to identify underlying problems in order to help the muscle relax and release sufferers from endless teeth grinding at night. If you are concerned you may have bruxism or you’re positive you do, discuss it with the chiropractors especially if you seek bruxism guard in Australia. We have also been informed about the different dental and orthodontic solutions that we can get for TMD or Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction/Disorder. But have you considered seeing a chiropractor for TMJ? What can this health professional do to alleviate your TMD symptoms?


What is TMD?

When you experience pain around your jaw when you yawn, speak, chew, or just opening your mouth, the first thing that comes to mind is something’s wrong with your TMJ. We have been introduced to this condition when we visit our dentist and we complain of what we thought was dental pain, and he finds out that your teeth and gums are fine, but your bite and jaw alignment may be causing you this discomfort. Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction/Disorder or TMD is a condition that affects these dental structures.


What causes TMD?

The root cause of TMD is generally unknown, although some would state that the incorrect jaw alignment and bite problems would trigger the development of TMD. Teeth misalignment, accidents that affect the jaw, stress, and arthritis are also suspected culprits of this jaw disorder.


Chiropractor for TMJ: Chiropractic techniques

A chiropractor usually performs manual manipulation of the spine and bones to correct their alignment. He believes that correcting the spine will affect the normal function of different parts of the bodies, from head to toe. With this concept in mind, can we start seeing a chiropractor for TMJ?


Chiropractor for TMJ: The correlation

To treat Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction/Disorder, a chiropractic practitioner would most likely focus his techniques and treatment along the neck or head area. Chiropractors gently adjust the highest bones in the cervical area with a percussion tool that is said to function by reducing the nerve obstruction that could be seen as the probable cause of TMD pain.

If the bones on the neck are realigned and corrected, chiropractors believe that any problem with the jaw, bite, or spine-related will all be addressed. TMD pain will be reduced with continued and consistent use of chiropractic modalities. The treatment, however, will not be on a one-time basis. If you are thinking of seeing a chiropractor for TMJ disorder, expect him to require you to have several sessions with him before you see the results. The reason behind this is because the neck is a very fragile area that any aggressive manipulations may cause further damage. So doing it one step at a time is better and it will also let your body get used to the changes if it is gradually performed and not deliberate.


Chiropractor for TMJ: Does it really work?

This question is a little bit tricky to answer. Because every person has a different opinion about a topic, the answer to this question is purely subjective in nature. For instance, if you will ask a patient if it was worth seeing a chiropractor for TMJ treatment, he can either say yes because he felt a bit of relief after several sessions with him. He can also say no because compared to other TMD treatments available, using chiropractic techniques to relieve your TMD symptoms may be the least effective. So, if you have TMD, it is best to discuss your concerns with your doctor or your dentist so he can intelligently guide you on which treatments would best suit your condition.

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