Often referred to as nerve interference, vertebral sublaxation is the misalignment of vertebrae in the spinal column, or movement of the vertebrae. Often times when this occurs, nerves are encroached – affecting the nervous system and the function of involved organs. By realignment the affected vertebrae, nerve interference is eliminated and proper bodily function is restored.

Injuries Leading to Conditions Treated with Chiropractic Care
Among the most common injuries that result in conditions treated with Chiropractic care include on-the-job injuries, sports injuries and injuries resulting from automobile accidents. Ranging from tennis elbow and a pinched nerve to subluxation, injuries prompting such conditions can result from repetitive stress, such as that experienced in many job-related activities; an awkward move, twist or fall that often occurs in sports; and an unexpected jolt from an automobile accident.

An injury prompting such a condition may be immediately evident, or surface over time as chronic pain, discomfort and decreased levels of functioning. And though pain may be felt in the shoulder or extremity such as the knee, ankle, foot, wrist and elbow, the nervous system is the central networking system that links to the source of all pain – and the spinal column the key to isolating it